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Contact me at (916) 293-1825 for more information on:

  •  ordering the new book, “The Half-pounder – A Steelhead Trout, Life History and Fly Fishing”,
  • placing an order for custom flies or tying instructions,
  • to discuss your fishery management needs,
  • or information about special fly fishing programs for you club or group.


Program subjects include:

  • fly fishing Northern California rivers,
  • historical and current anadromous fisheries management topics and issues,
  • and biology and life history of trout, steelhead, and salmon.
  • The Half-Pounder – A Steelhead Trout

A program based on Dennis’ new limited edition book, The Half-Pounder – A Steelhead Trout, Life History and Fly  Fishing. Book signing by the author can be included.

  • Fifty Years of Steelhead Planting and Monitoring at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, American River

A look at the history of the steelhead runs in the American River and the Nimbus Fish Hatchery.

  • Plight of the American River

A river only a few miles from the capitol of California, one that has been historically impacted mining, dams, and water diversion, but still maintains runs of steelhead and fall Chinook salmon.

  • California Winter Steelhead – Origin, Distribution, and Life History

A fishery scientists look at the origin, distribution, and life history of winter steelhead in California.

  • Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing in California

California still offers many opportunities for winter steelhead fly fishing. This program looks at the rivers and timing of runs, and equipment and flies needed to be successful.

  • Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing in Northern California and Southern Oregon

Some of the best fly fishing for summer steelhead still exists in Northern California and Southern Oregon. This program covers all the major rivers and steelhead run timing with specific information every fly angler needs to fish these rivers.

Dennis brings a unique perspective to presentations that are based on fishery science and many years of fly fishing experience, not typically available from speakers. Presentations are typically 30 to 45 minutes in length and can be specifically tailored a program to meet your group’s agenda. All necessary visual equipment with the exception of a projection screen is provided. Please contact Dennis for specific information and available dates.



MS Power Point presentations are available and include a number of subjects that target fly fishing clubs and groups. Current available program subjects include -

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